Here’s your chance to NAME THE 5 ADORABLE KITTENS & MOM (and now 1 more orphan kitten who was found in an attic) who were found born in a flower pot in northwest San Antonio on March 23rd! We gathered some names that were suggested by you on Facebook and you can also vote for your own suggested name. There were definite themes that emerged and some really unique entries! We selected 9 suggestions per gender and now we’re asking you to vote for your favorite or add your own!

We have added more time on the contest since we just got a 6th orphan kitten in and Mom has accepted her!

From now until midnight on Sunday, April 20th, for $1 per vote, you can select your favorite set of names. 100% of the proceeds from this contest will be used to vet The Flower Pot litter and Mom and orphan kitten and care for them for many weeks to come. Click each photo to vote!

A Good Samaritan contacted Footbridge Foundation to report a stray cat had had kittens in a flower pot in the vicinity of their dogs. They were worried their dogs were going to try to attack this fragile new family! The weather forecast was in the high 30’s for that coming evening. With kittens this young, they are extremely vulnerable, they needed to stay warm and they depend on their Mom 100%. The thought of them being attacked by dogs had us in a panic. Our amazing kitten fosters organized and headed out to grab The Flower Pot Litter and in no time they were all safe, warm and well-fed. Funds will be needed for their ongoing care, so please cast your vote by clicking on the photos below.