After walking countless foster dogs across the footbridge in her neighborhood, it struck Wendy Black one day that the bridge was becoming quite symbolic. It seemed that once the dogs got the hang of their claws touching the metal surface as they crossed and once they became immune to fact that they were walking over water, it was about the same time they were forgetting their past and moving full force into their future. A new life of walks along the San Antonio river, veterinary care, nutritious meals and treats that come without fail each and every day.  Noticing all the good coming out of this, an application was made for a 501c3 and Footbridge Foundation was born. 


Wendy’s rescue efforts in San Antonio had been in full swing for about five years. The daunting statistics of San Antonio’s animal problem kept her passionate to save more lives. Many friends became more aware of the San Antonio situation through seeing the work she was doing at various rescue events and through social media and asked how they could help if they couldn’t foster a cat or dog. As friends donated to her individual rescue pets’ needs such as Blanca’s eye surgery or Buster’s heart worm treatment, it seemed like a non-profit would eventually form. In helping hundreds of kittens, cats, puppies and dogs it became evident that there is an endless need to help individuals and rescues. 


Donations are used to help strays and fosters with items such as low cost spay/neuter surgery, x-rays, dental care, emergency care, surgeries for amputation,  broken bones, deformities, hospice care, eye care, heart worm/lyme disease test for dogs, treatment for parasitic diseases, FIV/FeLV testing for adoptable cats, TNR trapper fees, dewormer & vaccinations, monthly flea & heart worm prevention, microchips, intake fees, transport costs, pet food, kitty litter, collars, tags, cones, leashes, harnesses, training treats, bowls, beds, crates, carriers, traps, puppy pads, formula, bottles, blankets, towels, cleaning supplies and more. 

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