Ducati - Adopted


Ducati hit a rough patch for a bit, but he also might be one of the luckiest guys around. Saved from under a dumpster, covered in flies and very scared, he has overcome that experience and he’s ready to move on with the good life.

We know Ducati spent at least a few weeks on the streets. But what we love is that Ducati has a lot of faith in his doggie friends, he knows that his fellow fidos have his tail, or back, which one is it? Anyway, hanging out with dogs is just the best Ducati will tell you, he has lots of doggie buddies at his foster home in all shapes and sizes. He doesn’t seem to want to go after cats thus far and he’s seen 3 or so of those small fluffy beings. He rides well crated in the car, is potty trained and walks on a leash even though he’ll take a bite out of one if left to his own devices! This 10 month old German Shepherd Dog will make someone happy, can you make Ducati happy? He sure does deserve happiness and wonderful forever home. Fill out an application for Ducati today!