Do you love the thought of upcoming snow filled days? Snowball sure does! His solid white coat is as beautiful as a fresh snow drift on a mountain side. Like cuddling up by a toasty fire? Snowball loves to cuddle too. At about a year and a half old he likes to comb the house and see what’s going on, then settles in to nap. He’s the quiet and curious type, he’s not been exposed to dogs except at the vets office where he didn’t get too bothered by dogs being close by. He is cat friendly as he grew up in the early days of his life in a colony of cats. He has been tested for FIV, Leukemia and feline heart worms and is negative. He is up to date on preventatives, vaccines including leukemia, neutered, microchipped and he’s ready for a loving home.

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Cats, Adopted 4Joel PenaMale, 9lbs, DSH