Cedric - Adopted



Cedric’s nostalgic namesake may have hailed from the wily felines of Scotland or the unwary cats of ye old Emerald Isle. This is where Celtic cats who were called Cedric were held in very high regard, for the origin of their name meant “bounty”, and that is exactly what they brought to the humans who loyally served them. A bounty of deceased mice so the winter hay stores would not be damaged and a bounty of little Cedric’s to keep the circle of life going. 

While the good old days of yore have well since passed, it is fortunate that our 21st century Cedric will not be adding to the feline population of Texas. He was lucky enough (no surprise there) to have shown up just before a cold snap this January where he was snatched up (trapped) and taken to be fixed as part of a neighborhood TNR program run by The Cannoli Fund. After his big fix he decided to make himself at home at a neighbors house and let her serve him food and then he trained her very well to care for him. Cedric loved playing and was very friendly and that is when he landed himself into an adoption program because he was such a civilized and well mannered cat, obviously due to his possibly English lineage. In fact Cedric is a firm believer that life indoors is a much more enlightened way to live, not that it’s all cat naps and meals in between, there’s still plenty of time for the rough and tumble antics of a 7 month old. 

So whether Breton or Manx, this charming fellow has the traits of what an old Celtic Knot represents with its one continuous thread, no start and no end… loyalty and friendship Cedric the cat will lend! 

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