Johnny Cash - Adopted


Johnny Cash is as handsome in person as he is in real life, even if he did get a bath just for this photoshoot!

With a gentle demeanor this flat-coated retriever puppy is amazingly well behaved. He likes to hang out in his kennel with the door open and just play with fluffy toys. He takes walks with his other canine buddies, he has an old hip injury but he does not let this slow him down at all. He gets cold laser therapy once a week at the vet which helps him feel good and has lead him to now walk on all four legs. He takes a joint supplement daily and leads a very normal doggie life. He likes cats and dogs alike and takes to women faster than men.

Whether you’re up for cuddling or for romping around the yard, Johnny Cash will join in. He is an extremely loyal dog to the person who is his caretaker and will make a dedicated loving pet. He also happens to love the snow which he saw for the first time in December in Colorado.

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