Loopers Adoption

We were contacted by Saving Carolina Dogs Rescue Group based out of Rhode Island. They had spotted a Carolina Dog at San Antonio's city shelter and he was in danger of being euthanized. We were able to provide transport and a place for him stay which allowed SCD to tag him for rescue. Rather than getting euthanized at 5:00 he was neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and his heart worm test was negative! We got word right after we picked him up from the shelter that an adopter in Florida had been waiting for a 40 pound Carolina Dog and they wanted to adopt him. 

His name would be Looper, we wanted to know more....

Loopers new family was planning to do The Great Loop in 2020 and he was going with them. They would travel by boat from Florida up the Intracoastal Waterway to New York City, up the Hudson to the Erie Canal, through the Great Lakes to Chicago, down the Mississippi River and back to the Gulf. How could Looper be so lucky from almost dying in an overcrowded city shelter to being part of a family that would take him on a voyage most humans haven't experienced? We immediately started some basic training of commands like sit and leash training. He was so smart and within a few weeks he was ready to be loaded into a crate and flown to Florida on Delta Dash Cargo where his new parents were there to greet him. 

Looper is loving life in Florida, we got word he's a beach bum and his new Mom and Dad adore him. We can't wait for updates about Looper in the years to come!

Joel Pena