Japanese Tea Garden Dog

Mother's Day morning, an urgent call was received. A dog had just been abandoned at the San Antonio Japanese Tea Garden. Apparently a homeless man tied the dog to a post and mumbled something to an employee as he walked away. Information has surfaced that the homeless man had been begging different businesses to take his two dogs as he could no longer care for them.

Meanwhile, a well managed and quite well known colony of feral cats lives at the Japanese Tea Garden. The cats' caretaker was extremely concerned to learn of the abandoned dog and began searching for someone to remove the dog from the middle of the cat colony. A plea was passed along from rescuer to rescuer while at the same time a request to Animal Care Services was made to pick up the dog. ACS gave an approximate pick up window of 10-12 hours while the temperature outside was climbing and would reach a sweltering 96 degrees that day.

Rescuer Casey Roy as luck would have it, intercepted an email plea and headed down to the Japanese Tea Garden. She found the blue-eyed Husky German Shepherd mix (who had been sprayed by a skunk) tied to a tree where he had been moved to be in the shade. She freed him and off they went on his freedom ride. With no luck, he was scanned for a microchip. Wash Shake Wag helped out with a much needed bath and Casey took her new blued eyed buddy home to meet her dogs. It was inevitable that his name would be Frankie, for his blue eyes were simply stunning. Everything is going great now for Frankie and the next step is to get him fully vetted and find him an amazing adopter. We are asking for help to cover the cost of his heart worm test which was negative, his neuter, vaccines, dewormer, microchip and any other medical needs that arise. Frankie can be adopted by filling out an application here

Wendy Black